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Become a pro on camera to connect with potential clients around the world

  • Become yourself in public
  • Overcome reluctance, resistance and shame
  • Pick and write compelling stories
  • Attract more clients and fans
  • Create more freedom and money in less time
  • Serve more people, more deeply
  • Step-by-step technical setup
  • Time saving hacks
  • Fast track editing skills
  • Create clients through video messaging
  • Uncover secrets to converting clients
  • Turn followers into fans



I like creating the impossible.

I make wild ideas happen.

I’m rocket fuel for creative leaders who shine in the world. I am interested in creative, sustainable success that has your wellbeing and joy included not postponed. I work with people who have stories and messages to share. Those who want to create a life on their own terms. I work with diamond people. Multi-facetted individuals with a heart of gold and many sides of brilliance.

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Who it’s for

Coaches, authors and speakers with a message who want more clients without spending their life on marketing.

Individuals who don’t quite know how to realise their full potential in front of a camera who feel called to impact their world.

Who it’s not for

Those who seek next little hack and shortcut avoiding the real stuff.

What’s Included?

  • 12x video trainings, delivered live on FB
  • Access on mobile and desktop
  • Certificate of completion
  • Tools, frameworks and story structures to support you in creating your own material
  • My personal reviews and feedback of your videos
  • Stimulating group exercises (via private Facebook Group) and games
  • Safe and supportive community to upload your videos and receive more valuable feedback
  • A safe playground to develop your unique voice and style on camera.
  • Downloadable resources

ALERT!!!Spaces are limited. I’m dedicated to quality training. 

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Please Note: This course is starting October 6th

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What Other Coaches Say

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I don’t believe you can’t do things on your own but when you get the outside eyes from an expert in this area, you won’t need to do 1001 mistakes. Personally, I have done a lot of video work before, I am not shy with a camera, but Evelyne took me to the next level and we had such a good time.


Coach & founder of the Evolved Masculine path

I am a skilled speaker but as soon as a camera was pointed on me, I felt stilted and unsure about myself.  I was unclear about my exact message, the structure and how to deliver a video. I wasn’t expecting the process to be so much fun.   As a result, I now understand what differentiates a powerful video from a weak video, how to use my voice and how to connect to the camera as if I was talking to a live person. Evelyne’s extensive stage and camera experience combined with her deep coaching skills create a perfect combination for anyone who is serious about creating videos that have impact.

Nadjeschda Taranczewski

Founder of Circumplex Coaching


How do I know this is going to work for me?

What you need to make this work: 2 hours a week minimum to watch and practice- you might get away with less but I like to prepare you for realistic – You need the willingness to play. And to upload what you come up with to the group. With that done, you will move forward because you are gaining experience and following specialised training. Isn’t that how we learn?

does my business need to be established before I join?

As long as you have stories to share and you know what you stand for professionally (what you do) you will benefit now. If you don’t yet know what you want to be seen as professionally, I recommend to do the exercises again when you do. Video work is great for short term, mid term and longterm business marketing strategy- so you can’t start this journey too early!

do you work with men or women?

I work with men and women who want to be free. In life, at work and especially in front of the camera. My style is playful, straight and works regardless of your gender. You do however need to be in touch with your humanity. I don’t work with camels, donkeys or spirit animals.

Why are you running this live?

I am running the first round of this course with you literally in mind. So you can join in on the sessions or comment and I will address your questions in a subsequent video to make sure we cover what you actually need vs what I think you would need.

When does the course start?

The first run of the course starts July 4th 2018. 21:00 BST. That’s 13:00 PCT

do I have to join live or can I repeat sessions?

All sessions will be available in your group at all times and You have up to a year to complete the course unless FB closes down and then I’ll move it somewhere else 😉 so no rush. But to benefit from the momentum of the group I recommend you join us for the 12 weeks starting July and enjoy the buzz.

What will I get out of the course?

You will feel good about making videos and speak to a camera without trepidation. This will enable you to create regular content and build online IP assets for your brand/business. You will learn to follow structures aimed at attracting new clients and increasing sales.

Do I have to look good to be on camera?

That depends what you want from your videos! To be likeable and professional, you’ll want to look comfortable and well presented- but you don’t have to be a model or make a “huge effort” to come across well on video. Think about how you want to be seen in the world and dress/present yourself like that. It’s far more interesting to follow a genuine human being than a polished boring shell- so don’t worry if you haven’t got the “perfect body” or a magazine cover face- that is really not what most people are looking for on video or more to the point buying from. You need to add value. We are not part of the glamour industry, we are part of the information sharing community.

do you offer personalised coaching?

Yes I work with people one to one also on the camera work. There will also be a small group coaching program on offer soon- let me know if this is of interest to you. As a member of this course you will benefit from a discounted rate if you want to take advantage of this. As part of this course you also receive a group session where I will coach you live.

I already film myself. Do I need this course?

I have worked with video virgins and experienced filmers and both found it tremendously helpful to learn what THEY needed. I will cover the basics in the course and go into further details which you as a more advanced video maker will be able to put to use straight away. The path of mastery is ongoing!

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